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How many times can I cut my Wheatgrass?.How many times can I harvest my Wheatgrass?

Grow your own fresh organic Wheatgrass at home.

How many times can I cut my Wheatgrass?

How many times can  I cut my Wheatgrass? This is a very interesting question for those who are growing Wheatgrass. You would think that when growing Wheatgrass you could only get one crop. I did. However this is not the case. In fact if you grow your Wheatgrass correctly you can get up to three crops from one sowing. In this Wheatgrass cutting  video tutorial you can find out just how to cut your Wheatgrass and maximise your Wheatgrass crops. To learn even more about growing Wheatgrass we recommend getting a good Wheatgrass guide(Book). This will help you in your Wheatgrass journey. Growing you very own fresh organic Wheatgrass is very exciting and such a wonderful addition in your life for healthy living.

You can get up to three harvests from well grown Wheatgrass. There are a few things that you need to know about growing multiple crops from your Wheatgrass. Firstly as you grow more crops some of the nutrient value can go down slightly. Now this may put some people off especially if they want full nutritional value form a first crop every time. But don’t let this put you off either, there still is enough natural goodness to warrant a second and even a third crop if grown correctly. This then can save you the hassle of having to start from scratch and growing a new crop from the beginning. Growing multiple Wheatgrass crops saves you time and even a little money. Although we have found growing Wheatgrass to be inexpensive and fairly cheap to do. We hope you enjoy this video please feel free to contact us. Please join our Facebook page too. 

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