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How to prevent Wheatgrass mold.Video tutorial.

Learn how to grow fresh organic Wheatgrass at home.

Wheatgrass mold. How to prevent it.

Growing fresh organic Wheatgrass at home is fairly easy once you get used to it. Of course like anything else there may be some things that you need to watch out for and learn as you go on your Wheatgrass growing journey. But the end results will be amazing for you and your family. 

One small problem people may encounter if they start to grow Wheatgrass at home indoors is mold. Normally this appears as a white fluffy mould at the bottom of your plants around the base. But don’t panic,and certainly don’t worry. This can happen when you fist start to grow Wheatgrass indoors.

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Preventing Wheatgrass mold is easy.

The best thing to do to prevent Wheatgrass mold from growing on Wheatgrass is to take a few simple steps. Firstly make sure you don’t over soak your Wheat berries or Wheat seeds. First clean and soak the Wheat berries/seeds for 8 to 12 hours only. Then wash and rinse twice a day and drain well. Do this for two or three days until you see the little white new shoots appearing. Next try not to make the compost or growing medium too wet when first planting the Wheatgrass seeds/berries. Put your Wheatgrass shoots somewhere there is an airflow, perhaps next to an open window if possible ,this will prevent mold from forming.

 When watering your Wheatgrass which you will need to do at least twice a day do not over do the watering. The young seedlings need to be moist to grow but there has to be a balance. Once you have grown a few crops you will get the hang of how it should be done. I have found that growing indoors to get the seedlings growing and then putting the trays outside is another way to prevent mould. When the trays of Wheatgrass are outsides they get plenty of fresh air and a breeze through the grass. This gets rid of any mold and prevents further mold growing. If you can’t put your Wheatgrass outside don’t worry you can still grow lush organic Wheatgrass indoors with out any mold.


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